Consult the Glastonbury Magic Tarot


  I find that an online Tarot spread is just as effective as having someone do one for you. What's happening is that you're being persuaded to consult your unconscious knowledge of basic human archetypes in relation to your life issues. Since one's unconscious opinions are typically very frank or candid, the results are, perhaps not surprisingly, frequently meaningful.  


What the cards will show:

In relation to your question...

1. The Past

2. The Present

3. The Immediate Future

4. The Best Course of Action

5. The World's Attitude

6. Obstacles

7. Probable Outcome


Some cards will show situations. Others will show people with particular personalities - these may be people in your life that have a bearing on your question, or alternatively they may represent relevant personality-attitudes inside yourself.

An interpretation will be given for each card that is cast.


Concentrate on your question, and when you have it clear in your mind, click 'Cast tarot' below