Michael Eavis Forced Out Of Somerset Wildlife Trust

In Glastonbury Town on

Pilton festival person Michael Eavis has been forced to resign from the Somerset Wildlife Trust after more than 90,000 people petitioned him to leave as vice-president. Why did they do that? Because he supports badger culling.

Quite right. Out he should indeed go.

This is the man who appropriated the name of our town and used it for his music festival down the road in Pilton. That’s the festival that started out as a “love and peace” thing in the seventies but which is now effectively the periodic building of a city in the countryside, complete with steel walls and razorwire to keep out those who can’t afford the pricey tickets. (Oh, and let’s bury the myth that the Pilton festival is in any way good for the town of Glastonbury – it isn’t. Whilst the town gets a few advance guard, “Look, I hang out here” wannabe hippies in the days leading up to the festival, when it’s actually on, the town becomes dead, and the traders lose a great deal of money because of it.)

Trying to keep his cred with the ‘establishment’, Eavis said that those who signed the petition forcing him out of the Trust “probably live in Kensington” and have “never seen a badger“.

Well, I saw one outside my house last night, Mr Eavis, in Glastonbury (not Pilton) and I’m almost certain it wouldn’t have liked a bullet in its brain. Why would anyone do that? To assist the dairy agribusiness which keeps people drinking the breast milk of animals which have been exploited and re-evolved for so long that they couldn’t now survive on their own. When you really stop to think about it, you realise that’s kind of weird.

The worst thing about it all is the fact that most TB in cattle is contracted from other cattle anyway. The UK’s foremost experts say that the badger cull “flies in the face of scientific evidence“.

But of course, farmers aren’t experts in animal welfare. Have you seen the way farmers treat animals?

Fact is, the badgers were here first. Fact is, Pilton isn’t Glastonbury. Fact is, there are some who genuinely care for animal rights. Fact is, Michael Eavis isn’t one of them and deserves no place in the animal welfare charity, who do sterling work.

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