Glastonbury Samhain Wild Hunt 2018

In Glastonbury Town on
Glastonbury Samhain Wild Hunt 2018 - 39

The red and white dragons pass up Glastonbury High Street

The third Glastonbury Samhain Wild Hunt took place on Saturday in Glastonbury.

The event began with much fine drumming and some dancing by the Glastonbury Morris by the market cross, followed by the arrival of the red and white dragons.

The red and white dragons then processed with Gwyn Ap Nudd, the Winter King. The journey took the procession up the High Street, Silver Street, Chilkwell Street and Wellhouse Lane before passing up to the Fairfield at the base of the Tor.

There the gathered crowd said farewell to Gwythyr ap Greidal, the reigning Summer King, and celebrated the coronation of Gwyn before holding a moment of silence and honour for those who have come before.

Another great seasonal celebration in this remarkable town.

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