Astrological Birth Charts with Interpretations

Quickly calculate an astrological birth chart

You just need to know the time and the place of birth.

If you're uncertain of the time, you can make an approximation and we'll adjust the chart calculation for you.

When you've made your chart, you'll also be able to order a detailed interpretation, selected parts of which ("snippets") you can share on social media..

Start by entering the time and place of birth below.

Enter your birth details:

arrow The date
Select the date of the birth from the three drop-down menus
(day, month & year):

arrow The time of day
Select the time of day, as was seen on the clocks at the time of birth, from the two drop-down menus
(hour & minutes):

How confident are you of the accuracy of the time of day given?
If the margin of error is large, certain parts of the chart (such as the "Ascendant" and the "houses") might not be accurate, and the chart may be adjusted. Make a selection from the drop-down menu:

arrow The place
Start typing the place of birth and then click on the correct location when it shows:

When you've entered all the details, click the submit button below

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