Ash Wednesday on the Tor – Cold, But A Great Sunset!

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Ash Wednesday on Glastonbury Tor

Ash Wednesday (10th February) this year proved to be rare day of sunshine in an otherwise grey Winter.

So it was up the Tor, to see who was around.  The first charming thing to greet my eyes was a visitor from Holland, playing her guitar and singing just as if it was Summer.  This generous soul gave me a cake, too.

Not many other people were around until a photographer from The Guardian came to take some shots of “The Bard of Glastonbury” (or was it The Bard of Avalon?).  “Would I stand in the doorway?  It would make the shot better.”  Yes I would.  Anything to get in the papers, even if I am only a few pixels in height.

The Bard and his media team braved the cold for the time of sunset.  And stone me, was it cold.  Nice sunset though.

Ash Wednesday on Glastonbury Tor

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